Putting Financial New – Good or Bad – In Context

While it may be difficult to discuss, don’t put off selecting someone to oversee your medical and financial affairs. Additionally, knowing that arrangements have already been taken care of may reduce the stress on your loved ones during trying times. Here are some questions to consider when meeting with an advisor or attorney about planning Read More

3 Easy Steps to Starting Your Marketing Budget

3 Easy Steps to Starting Your Marketing Budget It’s a new year which means it’s time for budgeting and strategizing. Don’t let the idea of a marketing budget give you anxiety. This year, focus on three steps to creating and sticking to a marketing budget that works for you. Step 1: Get Organized Now, if Read More


Many people think that selling to healthcare-related businesses is risk-free. I’ve even been told that locally controlled hospitals are very safe to sell because no local county or city would ever let its hospital fail financially. Don’t tell that to companies who recently were told that two local hospitals went bankrupt! Crittenden Regional Hospital, West Read More

Does The Customer Know Best?

Insurance is not the new black. It’s not trendy, sexy or attractive. Insurance is viewed by some as a commodity. So, why does it matter if you buy it from one person or another – even one company or another? How do you differentiate a product that no one necessarily likes to talk about but Read More

What We Can Learn About the NFL’s Culture Using The OC Equation™

We’ve recently been inundated by the news coming out of the NFL regarding domestic violence and child abuse perpetrated by some of the league’s star players, notably Ray Rice of the Baltimore Ravens, and Adrian Peterson of the Minnesota Vikings. Ray Rice was recently suspended from the Baltimore Ravens following the releases of a video Read More

The Promise of an Experience

In a recent article by customer service expert, professional speaker and New York Times bestselling author, Shep Hyken, he explains how marketing has changed from purely a brand or company focus to the promise of an experience. This experience is directly and most influentially created by customer service or the promise of some intangible value. Read More

LinkedIn Group Site

The Southeast Business Forums LinkedIn site is available to all members. You will be invited (by Jules Christian) to join the Southeast Business Forums group. You will need to join your respective chapter subgroup…request to join once you accept your invitation to join the main SEBF group. This is strictly voluntary and if you want Read More

New Member Partner Program

A new member will be “partnered” with an existing member (“Member Partner”) for three months. It is the responsibility of the Member Partner to hold an orientation meeting with our new member. The Member Partner is there to support the new member when they have questions, problems, or issues that come up. We also expect Read More