USS Nashville

Many of you know that I like to travel for history. Early next year, Sandy and I will be taking our first trip through the Panama Canal. As I do prior to every trip, I research the country, historical events, and certain historical time frames. I picked up David McCullough’s book entitled, The Path Between Read More

The Dalai Lama Has Spoken

The Dalai Lama has visited America and pronounced the key to happiness. Mr. Lama has 8 million Twitter followers but he doesn’t personally do the tweeting. I guess he must have a staff that tweets for him. Do any of you follow him on Twitter? What does he normally talk about? Anyway, the key to Read More

Who’s On Your Team in 2014?

I recently read an article written by Joanne Kaufman entitled, I’m Tired of Taking One for “The Team.” She lamented the fact that “staffs, colleagues, co-workers or office mates are gone. Instead, businesses have teams.” She goes on to let us know the word “boss” is no longer applicable. They are “team leaders or thought Read More

Troikas over Tequilas

I was meeting with Clark Buckner (Buck Branding) the other day and he mentioned how he was starting a weekly pod cast series called, “Marketing over Margaritas.” I thought how cool—no, not for us—but for the title of a blog (for all of you who don’t know how to come up with a blog topic, Read More

Who are Better Networkers – Men or Women

I know I’m going to hit a hot button with this one. So I will apologize in advance. I read a great article from the BBC News (written by Jane O’Brien). It’s entitled, “Do women need to improve their networking skills?” So I got to thinking. Have I seen a trend over the past seven Read More


Do you live by the 70-20-10 Rule? I know you’re asking yourself, “Where did I miss this one in all those business books I’ve read?” Don’t worry one bit, you didn’t miss it. I just made it up for this blog post. Seriously, do you ever think about where you get your business? I mean Read More

What Are You Searching For?

During this process we know as formal “Networking” have you ever asked yourself, “What am I searching for?” The likely answer is “yes.” The problem is that most people will say they are searching for that next lead, referral, introduction, and piece of business. That’s the wrong answer. It’s also a red flag for someone Read More

I’m Not in Sales so I Don’t Need Networking

If anyone thinks this way, then they don’t get it. We’re all in sales. Some of us make our living selling services or products but don’t let anyone kid himself or herself that they don’t sell. So can a non-sales person follow a formal and disciplined process of networking? What about the person who has Read More

Blogging Really Does Work

Every time I speak with Stew he talks about blogging.  It’s something I have always wanted to do, though it was never made it to the action part of my to do list.  Recently, I responded to a post from a LinkedIn group.  I liked my post, so I submitted to to go on the Read More

4 Simple Steps to Improve Your Networking Efforts

It seems like everyone now has a profile on LinkedIn – the electronic rolodex.  There are two ways to use LinkedIn – passively or actively. Passively is having your profile and responding to connection requests and emails and then nothing else. They are expecting the “magic” to just happen. And it doesn’t! Active use is Read More