I Turned $4.17 Into $60,000

(Are you answering your calls?) At Good People Creative, we practice what we preach.  From the beginning days, we implemented our own Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Paid Per Click (PPC) strategy. Ninety days later, we’ve already seen a return on our initial investment, a big return. Recently, I received an email from a business Read More

5 Questions for Every Business Owner

1) What percent of my gross annual sales am I investing back into my advertising plan? Most experts recommended business owners invest 10-12% of gross sales or 3-5% of net profit back into Advertising for their business.  Understandably, this can be quite a daunting figure for some, especially a new business. Yet, despite the actual Read More

19 Business Blog Post Ideas You Can Use Right Now

Have you been wanting to write more? Maybe on your blog, someone elses blog or a newsletter? Not sure what to write about or how to get started? Use these 19 easy templates as a starting point to get writing! Questions you want prospects to ask What questions should your prospects be asking that you Read More

Will you Take my 5% Challenge?

If a salesperson or business owner wants to energize their business in 2013 they can’t confuse sales activity with sales productivity!  As a matter of fact, the most successful salespeople and business owners I know establish processes that are repeatable and scalable.  That way they know what they did when things are going well and Read More

Staying Relevant – Blogging Strategies

Writing a relevant blog is like having a really good conversation; one that when you’re finished, you find yourself thinking about it later in the day or perhaps sharing it with someone else. My grandfather comes to mind when I reminisce of such conversation. He always was a great storyteller, keeping the tone relatable and Read More

Reality Check—Aren’t We All Self-Employed?

According to current figures from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, around 10.4% of the American work force is classified as “self-employed.”  But in reality, aren’t we all self-employed?  Think about it—employers don’t knock on your door out of the blue and demand that you come and work for them. In many ways we’re like Read More