3 Easy Steps to Starting Your Marketing Budget

3 Easy Steps to Starting Your Marketing Budget It’s a new year which means it’s time for budgeting and strategizing. Don’t let the idea of a marketing budget give you anxiety. This year, focus on three steps to creating and sticking to a marketing budget that works for you. Step 1: Get Organized Now, if Read More

3 ‘Fascinating’ Brand Lessons from Spock

With the passing of Leonard Nimoy, or Mr. Spock to most of us, the world is learning a great deal about the man behind the alien face. Mr. Nimoy’s gifts ranged from photography, directing, playwriting, music, and books as well as voice, stage and film acting. But what leaves the greatest impression on us, as Read More

Can you pass this quick test? Marketing vs. Sales

Quick! – an email blast goes out on Cyber Monday offering a 15% discount to everyone in your company’s database. The email is opened by 38% of the recipients, but no one buys anything as a result. Is this campaign successful? It depends on if you are classifying it as a “marketing” campaign, or a Read More

Subject Lines That GET YOUR ATTENTION… Like this one!

How many emails do you send out every day? Does it take entirely too long to get a response? Do you feel like you aren’t getting any traction with your email marketing? Are you tired of analyzing your metrics and trying to decide what exact change will boost your numbers? Ok, now be honest – Read More

The Promise of an Experience

In a recent article by customer service expert, professional speaker and New York Times bestselling author, Shep Hyken, he explains how marketing has changed from purely a brand or company focus to the promise of an experience. This experience is directly and most influentially created by customer service or the promise of some intangible value. Read More

10 Ways to Kill a Sale

Based upon many years of research with salespeople, sales leaders and business owners across the globe please allow me to share ten ways to kill a sale: Prospect aimlessly…grab anyone who will listen and give them the same sales pitch over and over and over again Be oblivious to the prospects buying rhythm…just jump in Read More

A question I get asked often: “How do I get my company to the first page of search engine results?”

The answer: “…That’s a good question!” While I am not an expert in Search Engine Optimization, I am seeing two different sides to the recommendation of this medium for certain businesses. SEO can a very long term, and in some cases, expensive, investment. That doesn’t mean it isn’t a good one; it just means that Read More

SALES – That Dirty 5 Letter Word

As a sales professional and a sales trainer, I often see the looks and hear the whines from people about sales. And sales people.  While everyone makes jokes about lawyers, they make even more jokes about sales people. Yes, I understand society’s viewpoint of sales people (terrible- nobody wants their child to grow up being Read More

Become More Successful Now!

Recently, a member of one of my LinkedIn groups asked the rest of us what prevents success for sales professionals. We have many sales professionals in the SE Business Forum as well as many business owners that are responsible for growing their businesses.  Having said that, Here are the top that prevent sales professionals from achieving Read More

Have an IDEA who you are Selling

All successful salespeople I have met over the years have an IDEA of who they are selling to.  In other words…they are exceptionally clear of the roles and responsibilities of the person/people they are selling. IDEA is an acronym standing for: (I):  Influencer (D): Decision Maker (E):  End User (A): Approver I realize in most Read More