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The OC Equation™ – Does your Organization have a Culture of Compliance of Common Sense?

Last week I was traveling back from Montana and had the first flight out at 5:30 am. I arrived at 4:30 am, checked my bag with the airline and headed to security for screening. The Missoula, MT airport isn’t very big by today’s airport standards and has precious few of the annoyances of larger metropolitan Read More

Can A Screw Up Be Fixed?

Another update from the HR jungle…. While he will sell products to anyone with money, he really wants to build sales to other businesses since that will generate more revenue in the long run. So when he’s not behind the counter, he’s at a business networking event. Since he can’t afford to hire an assistant Read More

And Now…The New Year’s Resolutions

Another update from the HR jungle…. Last year, while on her Christmas cruise, Sue, the HR director developed a brilliant plan to do something for her company and something for herself. Her company has grown rapidly in the past two years and will grow even faster as the economy continues to improve. To continue growing Read More

Perspective: 30,000 feet, the Weeds, and somewhere in the Middle

Perspective. Your employees have one. And your customers have one. And as a leader, you have one too but you also have a unique role. Not only must you keep your fingers on the pulse of the employees and your customers (their perspective); but you also must be able to find the right balance of Read More

The Power of Compounding Culture – Is it Helping or Hurting Your Profitability?

Recently we introduced you to the OC equation. This week we take it a step further to help you understand The Power of Compounding Culture and its impact on establishing your competitive advantage and increasing profitability. Most of us know the power of compounding interest on our investments (it’s interest calculated on the initial principal and subsequent interest Read More

The OC (Organizational Culture) Equation

V + P x Actions = OC [Competitive Advantage and Profitability] Over the past several weeks we’ve discussed the relationship between a strong organizational culture (OC) and an organization’s health and profitability. As previously noted, OC is born out of your organization’s DNA – it defines who you are as a company; and encompasses the shared Read More

Organizational Culture – Treating Departing Employees Badly is Bad Business

Employers often request a 2 week notice when employees decide to resign. This request is usually made to give the employer time to identify a suitable replacement to cover the work that needs to be done and/or provide adequate training. In other words, to protect the assets of the business. Why then would an organization’s Read More

If You Want Better Employees, Create A Better Organizational Culture

What exactly is Organizational Culture? I get questions from clients all the time about how to find great employees that won’t come to work late, leave early or steal while they’re there! The simple answer is – if you want better employees, create a better organizational culture! Now you may be asking yourself, “what exactly does Read More

When Service Overshadows the Product

I was in a small town recently with my family and had one of those service experiences you just can’t make up.  I won’t mention the city or restaurant because truthfully, we could probably replace its name with many other examples.  Here’s the funny thing…the food was great…the service, not so much.  And indifferent enough Read More

Customer Service: Do you know why I’m here?

Most hotels today provide some type of breakfast that helps its guests get nourished quickly and on the road.  On a recent trip to Alabama, I stayed at a Hampton Inn.  I’ve stayed here several times and have always enjoyed observing one of the breakfast servers.  On this visit, I decided to talk to her.  Read More