The Banking Industry New Norm

What is the “New Norm” in your industry? Three years ago, none of you could answer that question. Last year when I asked all of you that question approximately fifty percent answered in the affirmative. Yes, you knew what the new norm was. Parts of the fifty percent that still didn’t know were the bankers Read More

Do Forty Minutes Define Champions?

For college basketball fans around the country the month is finally here:  MARCH MADNESS.  Sixty-four teams – two at a time – will battle it out on the court to earn the top spot in college basketball. Regardless of your sports affiliation or whether you even like basketball, there are some real lessons from the Read More

3 Business Principles I Learned While Comparing Starbucks Via with Starbucks K-Cups

I discovered Starbucks in 1994 when a group of Disney executives held a meeting at the Whistler Blackcomb ski resort in western Canada.  One morning our Canadian host took us to a charming coffee shop in the village and he ordered this thing called a “latte.”  I had never before heard the word “latte”, I Read More

When Customer Service Goes Outside the Lines

I was traveling recently and stopped at the Starbucks inside the airport before catching my plane.  As usual the line for that caffeine jolt was quite lengthy (especially for folks traveling before 8am). As I waited in line for the next available cashier, I overheard the barista shout out to the folks in front of Read More

Staying Relevant – Blogging Strategies

Writing a relevant blog is like having a really good conversation; one that when you’re finished, you find yourself thinking about it later in the day or perhaps sharing it with someone else. My grandfather comes to mind when I reminisce of such conversation. He always was a great storyteller, keeping the tone relatable and Read More