Stay Fit

As many of you know, we’re big Andy Stanley fans when it comes to leadership development. We study his leadership principles closely and apply them to ourselves individually and as an organization. Over the last couple of months, Andy has discussed his organization’s six core behaviors via his monthly leadership podcasts.  Northpoint’s core behaviors: Make Read More

Organization 3.0 – Embracing Theory in the 21st Century

As a business consultant and professor I am often asked why study theories and systems that are no longer used in modern society. I look to Aristotle who once said, “If you would understand anything, observe its beginning and its development.” Simply put, if we look at history we can best understand the present and Read More

What do baseball and apple pie mean in your business?

Baseball and apple pie.  And during the first week of July fireworks and family celebrations can be added to the list.  People everywhere found ways to celebrate in some form, the essence of celebrating freedom and proclaiming pride in America. Symbols of celebration take on many forms.  For some, a cookout and fireworks occurred, others Read More

The Wizard of Oz

Remember when the Wizard of Oz bestowed the honorary degree on the Scarecrow? How about the new heart for the Tin Man? Or the medal for the Cowardly Lion? All were solutions to their perceived individual weaknesses. We’ve gone around and asked Business Forum members what are the things that hold them back from writing Read More

Are Your Customers Talking for the Right Reasons?

On a recent business trip to Tacoma, Washington, I had the pleasure of dining at Indochine, a restaurant that specializes in unique Thai creations. What I didn’t expect was the dining experience I had because of a gal named Elizabeth (and you can see her in the enclosed picture). From the moment we sat down Read More

Should I Give Stock to My Key Employees?

Be careful about awarding stock to your employees as part of their compensation package!  Most business owners will struggle at some point with attracting and retaining key employees and/or properly aligning the interests of the key employees with those of the business.  One way to help with both is to grant employees an ownership interest Read More

Is Your Succession Planning Process from the Middle Ages?

It wasn’t long after my husband and I moved to Tennessee that we realized our beloved Quarter Horses weren’t going to cut it. All our friends rode gaited horses and when we would travel together their horses would leave us in the dust – literally. So, one weekend while at Big South Fork we bought two gaited Spotted Saddle Horse mares. Read More

The Immutable Law of 168

Tom Peters, the management guru, said, “Calendars never lie.  They are 100% accurate and visible indicators of your priorities.” There’s the Prado Principal or “the 80/20 Rule” (where 80% of the results come from the top 20%) and the Rule of 72 (72 divided by any percentage gives you the approximate number of years it Read More

Five Tips to Effectively Engage and Use Legal Counsel

Like it or not, most business owners will require legal counsel from time to time.  In most circumstances, using legal counsel will be in the context of a transaction, like raising capital, buying a competitor, or bringing in a key employee.  In less pleasant circumstances, it may be in the context of litigation.  In either Read More

Tapping Into Corporate Coaching as a Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Does your organizational culture inspire employees to jump out of bed on Monday morning and race to the office because they can’t wait to get there or do your employees have to drag themselves out of bed at the last minute looking for excuses not to come in? If it’s the latter, you may want Read More