Three Reasons your Biz Priorities may resemble Where’s Waldo to your Team

We are just a few days into 2014.  I wonder what your world is like as the new year unfolds?  Are you refreshed from the holiday season and ready to begin strong?  Do you have a clear plan for January (and even February and March)?  Is your team ready for the next three weeks of Read More

Can You Catch a Frisbee?

Why can a border collie catch a Frisbee easier than you or I can? I recently read an article in the Wall Street Journal (Decmenber 21, 2013) by Raymond Zhong entitled, “Andrew Haldane: The Banker Who Cried Simplicity.” Mr. Haldane, a British banker, wondered why very smart human beings (even ones with PhD’s) have trouble Read More

Let it Burn!

This has not been a good year for forest fires in the United States. Over 7 million acres have burned and in Colorado, 19 firefighters lost their lives trying to protect homes and people. Yet, as we are beginning to find out, nature needs the regular cleaning of fire to renew itself and create new Read More

Boxing Day: Pugilistic or Humanistic?”

I found out recently every Premier League soccer team will be playing on Boxing Day in England. It happens to be the day after Christmas and apparently, this is a tradition in England. It seems every sport will play that day. So Sandy asks me, “Do you know what Boxing Day is and what the Read More

The Credit Guy Always Knows Best

I was inspired to write this after reading the article Martin Plumlee posted to LinkedIn called “Let’s Move Recruiting to the Marketing Department.” How many times in your large corporation career did you see a mismatch of talent or ability with job responsibilities? When Comerica Bank bought my little bank in California; they sent a Read More

How to Make the Most of Your Winter Move

Are you considering a move during the winter months? Does it concern you that moving will be more difficult or stressful because of the potentially harsher weather? While there can be some negative aspects to moving in the winter, there are actually some benefits to choosing this time of year to relocate. Generally fewer people Read More

Frustrated or Annoyed?

Have you ever sat down and contemplated the difference between being frustrated and being annoyed? Well, I did. I contemplated this question the other day after Wade Fulton (West End Chapter) came over to my office. I was having difficulty with my Apple computer and some of the applications (most of you know that I’m Read More

Three Simple Ways Your Company Can Give Back

I received an invitation to a “Cobbler Tasting Party” recently through LinkedIn.  Intrigued, I had to see what this was all about and I’m so glad I did. That’s where I met Monchita of Monchita’s Homemade Cobblers.  Her online bakery creates 19 sweet and savory flavors of you guessed it, homemade cobblers.  I met Monchita Read More

The 3 Minute Question

We are getting close to putting a wrap on 2013 and will be making new action plans and setting our goals for 2014. With that in mind, I want to ask you a question prompted from a story that I heard on Thursday night. I was at a banquet and the main speaker was a Read More

Not Your Momma’s Hemp

Some of you may have recently heard that a Senator, from the South, who is a Republican, is leading the charge to legalize Marijuana. True? Well, yes, and no. The Hemp he is pushing isn’t what the 60’s made famous.  It’s not the stuff that makes you high but the kind that Senator Frank Nicely Read More