Moving Mistakes to Avoid

Is a long-distance move in your future? Relocation to another area is a significant undertaking. How can you avoid costly moving mistakes and have the best experience possible? Check out the following tips to help you stay organized and keep your costs down as well. Waiting to organize your relocation If possible you should start Read More

Opinion – Innovation Gets You Nowhere. Here’s Proof

With G.M.’s announcement of a recall of an additional 2.7 million cars on May 15th, just four months after a different recall for a different reason, the number of G.M. vehicles recalled in 2014 is, wait for it… 11 million. Such numbers are staggering, hard to comprehend. We bailed out this failed automaker less than Read More


DNA testing. It’s a bit mysterious sounding isn’t it? Though shrouded in presumed secrecy, it’s actually more common than one might realize. Did you know that a variety of DNA tests are available? More than the ones you see that take place on your favorite TV crime show. We assure you. Take a look: Child Safety Read More

Whack-A-Mole Management

Okay, you all know what I’m talking about… Leadership provides a vision and a plan.  Everyone is focused, armed with a game plan and knows their role.  Then BAM!  Another priority pops up.  Then BAM! Another priority pops up.  Before you know it your walking the halls trying the whack-every-“mole” that pops up, all the Read More

Hair Testing: Fact or Fiction?

  Have you ever been asked to submit some of your hair for a drug test? Have you ever required it of an employee? If you haven’t, it may not be that unusual of a request in the days to come. For that matter, is hair testing for real? Rumors, myths and more surround this Read More

How to keep ‘score’ in business

Business is not youth sports where everyone gets a trophy just for showing up. Business is about winners and losers and the one clear way to know if you are the winner is to keep score. And guess what? The long time winners have always kept score using a methodology called Net Promoter Score™. What Read More

No More Employees

It would seem strange to concern ourselves with the labor participation rate 20 years from now. However, as a practitioner of Strategic Foresight, it is just as important to examine the here and now as it is to explore the trends for the future. This creates a textured picture of what the future may hold Read More

The Value of a Free In-Home Moving Estimate

Are you or do you know someone contemplating a move in 2014? If so, have you considered getting a free in-home estimate from a moving company? Along with reaching out to the company online or over the phone, getting a visual moving estimate can be more precise and can help to put your mind at Read More

Hoffman, Heroin, and…You? Oh, My!

The sad news repeatedly filled our TV screens and phones flashed continual updates in what seemed like an endless barrage that week. Philip Seymour Hoffman was dead. Reports stated the cause as…Heroin. The topic of this horrible drug seemed to suddenly be on everyone’s minds, and peppered many conversations, at least at some point those Read More

Living Your Dream

Today, Tuesday, January 28 marks the 28th anniversary of the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster. Most of us can recall exactly where we were and what we were doing when it heard this terrible news. Living in Florida at the time, I had a bird’s eye view of the launch and explosion. Later that day I Read More