Are you a Lousy Leader?

Research leadership and you’ll find thousands of articles, videos, books, etc. that describe steps we can take to improve our positive influence. But rarely do we think about our leadership influence from the perceptive of steering away from those habits or traps that actually make us poor leaders. Or ask our teams and they may Read More

Moving Mistakes to Avoid

Is a long-distance move in your future? Relocation to another area is a significant undertaking. How can you avoid costly moving mistakes and have the best experience possible? Check out the following tips to help you stay organized and keep your costs down as well. Waiting to organize your relocation If possible you should start Read More

Putting a Perspective on Inflation

The term “inflation” figures importantly in discussions of finance and investment. But many kinds of numbers may be bandied about, and they don’t all mean the same thing. Here’s an overview of the principle measures of inflation: The Consumer Price Index (CPI) measures the changes in price for fixed baskets of common consumer goods and is Read More

USS Nashville

Many of you know that I like to travel for history. Early next year, Sandy and I will be taking our first trip through the Panama Canal. As I do prior to every trip, I research the country, historical events, and certain historical time frames. I picked up David McCullough’s book entitled, The Path Between Read More

Are You Being Financially Bullied?

Descriptor Financial bullies come in all shapes and sizes: husbands who insist on control of their wives’ money; wives who control finances by manipulating the purse strings; domestic partners who insist on making all financial decisions. In fact, bullying is common behavior. A 2013 survey conducted by Credit Karma found that one-in-10 respondents classified their Read More

Opinion – Innovation Gets You Nowhere. Here’s Proof

With G.M.’s announcement of a recall of an additional 2.7 million cars on May 15th, just four months after a different recall for a different reason, the number of G.M. vehicles recalled in 2014 is, wait for it… 11 million. Such numbers are staggering, hard to comprehend. We bailed out this failed automaker less than Read More

A question I get asked often: “How do I get my company to the first page of search engine results?”

The answer: “…That’s a good question!” While I am not an expert in Search Engine Optimization, I am seeing two different sides to the recommendation of this medium for certain businesses. SEO can a very long term, and in some cases, expensive, investment. That doesn’t mean it isn’t a good one; it just means that Read More

Identify Theft – Nothing Will Derail a Home Closing Faster

By now, we probably all know someone who has had their identity stolen.  Typically, we hear about fraudulent charges on a bank or credit card or maybe loans taken out under a false name.  Most of the time, you can get it all sorted out, but it’s going to cost you several hours and a Read More

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Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging! Read More

The Power of Compounding Culture – Is it Helping or Hurting Your Profitability?

Recently we introduced you to the OC equation. This week we take it a step further to help you understand The Power of Compounding Culture and its impact on establishing your competitive advantage and increasing profitability. Most of us know the power of compounding interest on our investments (it’s interest calculated on the initial principal and subsequent interest Read More