Credit Cards Are Evil. Really?

First, let me say that I really appreciate Dave Ramsey – I believe he has the heart of a teacher and wants to help people be financially successful. Secondly, I firmly believe that one of the biggest contributors to financial failure, for many people, is credit card debt. I’m adamantly opposed to it myself, but Read More

10 Ways to Kill a Sale

Based upon many years of research with salespeople, sales leaders and business owners across the globe please allow me to share ten ways to kill a sale: Prospect aimlessly…grab anyone who will listen and give them the same sales pitch over and over and over again Be oblivious to the prospects buying rhythm…just jump in Read More

Social Security and Retirement: What a Surviving Spouse Needs to Know

The Basics of Spousal Benefits   As the surviving widow or widower of someone who had participated in Social Security, you are likely to be entitled to benefits on your spouse’s account. This would be true whether or not you’ve earned any benefits based on your own work history.   Here are some common scenarios: Read More

Who to Hire? Employee vs. Contractor

How are you going to grow your business in 2014?  If ‘hire more employees’ was part of your answer, here are some thoughts to consider: With the unsteadiness of today’s economy, massive shifts in employer provided healthcare, and increasing technology developments, many companies (big and small) are investigating the benefits of contract workers. Maybe you Read More

6 Things Highly Productive People Do Every Day

I read a great article this week that I want to share. You may do several of these things already, but I thought if you get even one additional idea, it is worth the read.  You can read the FULL ARTICLE HERE Here is my quick recap: Manage Your Mood a) If you start the day calm, with a Read More

Perspective: 30,000 feet, the Weeds, and somewhere in the Middle

Perspective. Your employees have one. And your customers have one. And as a leader, you have one too but you also have a unique role. Not only must you keep your fingers on the pulse of the employees and your customers (their perspective); but you also must be able to find the right balance of Read More

3 Reasons Why Your Company Should Consider Oral Fluid Testing

Your business or organization has access to quite an array of drug testing options these days. Oral fluid drug testing (Saliva Testing) is one of them, and it’s becoming more popular in the marketplace. You’ve perhaps “heard” some of the facts and fiction about Saliva Testing, or, its relevance and potential. But when it comes to your Read More

Have you ever googled “letter to millennials”? Go ahead, I’ll wait…

That’s right, 2,960,000 results. After recent conversations with colleagues about the generational divide in today’s business world, “The Absolute Last Open Letter to Millennials” peaked my interest. As a professional on the cusp of the category divider (1-year from cut-off), I personally share many traits of BOTH Gen X and Millenials. David A. Frankel, managing Read More

Irrelevant (but funny) Content

We all know that in todays world, CONTENT is king. Everyone needs content—television (public, satellite, mainstream, sports), radio (terrestrial & extraterrestrial), bloggers (business, travel, food, history), tweeters, facebookers, linkediners, authors, memo writers, reporters, newspapers, newsletters, and it goes on and on and on.   Many of us knew that at some point, we’d run out Read More

Be Big

One of the things over the years that I have learned from our members who are experts in the marketing arena is to look bigger than you are. As a small company, you want the public (and your potential audience/customers) to view you as something bigger than you really are.   My little publishing company, Read More