Top 10 Ways to Accomplish Your Business’s New Years Resolution Hello 2015! We’re so glad you are here!

The New Year always brings the chance for a fresh start.  All around us people are signing up gym memberships, making commitments to one another, focusing on new relationships, and setting personal and career goals. But I wonder, while we are setting our resolutions, are we also thinking about practical ways to break down our goals Read More

How “Sticky” are your 2015 Goals?

2015 is here! And with it likely comes great plans for your team or company in the coming year.   I wonder what your world is like as the new year unfolds?  Are you refreshed from the holiday season and ready to begin strong?  Do you have a clear plan for January (and even February and March)?  And is your Read More

And Now…The New Year’s Resolutions

Another update from the HR jungle…. Last year, while on her Christmas cruise, Sue, the HR director developed a brilliant plan to do something for her company and something for herself. Her company has grown rapidly in the past two years and will grow even faster as the economy continues to improve. To continue growing Read More

Does The Customer Know Best?

Insurance is not the new black. It’s not trendy, sexy or attractive. Insurance is viewed by some as a commodity. So, why does it matter if you buy it from one person or another – even one company or another? How do you differentiate a product that no one necessarily likes to talk about but Read More

Can you pass this quick test? Marketing vs. Sales

Quick! – an email blast goes out on Cyber Monday offering a 15% discount to everyone in your company’s database. The email is opened by 38% of the recipients, but no one buys anything as a result. Is this campaign successful? It depends on if you are classifying it as a “marketing” campaign, or a Read More

Embracing The Silence In The Rest

Embracing the Silence in the Rest Rarely do I hear quotes that I can’t get out of my head, but the one below still lingers: “The beauty of music happens in the silence, and if you want people to really listen, then you have to play softer.” -Sean Palmer Many of my musician friends out Read More

Behind the Sticker Shock: The Real Cost of College

The numbers are enough to rattle the bank accounts of even financially comfortable families. Ivy League bastion Harvard College is charging $58,607 for the 2014-2015 academic year. That figure, which is 3.9% higher than the $56,407 price tag for the previous year, includes tuition, room and board and fees. Yale announced similar cost increases –a 4% Read More

Does Your Customer Service Put On The Ritz?

Does your service put on the “Ritz”? Ritz Carlton that is. A recent client engagement took me to the Ritz Carlton Reynolds Plantation in Greensboro, Georgia. And while I worked, I was reminded how it feels to have a great customer experience thanks to the many team members at this luxury hotel.   Read More

Is working from home right for you?

Sleep in… wear your pajamas… take a nap… watch your favorite TV shows… Sounds great, doesn’t it? Nicole Fallon of the Business News Daily recently published an article (link below) debunking 8 common myths about working from home.  Addressing the most common myths, including productivity, distractions and virtual meetings, Nicole paints a clearer picture of Read More

Swimming in Crab Bisque – The Best Compliment You can Receive

Restaurants near the beach are always unique. Menu items you can’t get anywhere else and the freshest tasting seafood around. A recent trip to Orange Beach with friends took me to Shipps Harbour Grille. The 45-minute wait gave us some time to hang out so we waited at the bar and decided to order an Read More