The Death of the Manager (the coming extinction)

I am not ready to send you to a museum to study the habits and hang-ups of the 20thcentury manager just yet. But I do see this as an opportunity to create dialogue related to the death of management as we know it. I am in no way abdicating that organizations of the future will Read More

10 + Mistakes All Business Development People Make

In business development, there are lots of moving parts. Each part can mean the difference in getting the business and getting nothing.  Are you doing these? Going after everyone instead of understanding who your customer really is? Spending more time putting out fires than finding and talking to prospective customers? Just winging your business development Read More

If You’re Not Learning, Then You’re Obsolete

“Charmer,” the dictionary defines it as a person with an attractive and engaging personality, typically one who uses this to impress or manipulate others. We’ve all known one. They walk in a room, flash a smile, shake your hand, and then proceed to blow an unimaginable amount of “smoke” right up your… Well, if that’s Read More

Confidence or Arrogance?

Someone recently accused me of being arrogant. My response was, “No, I’m not – I’m confident.” I won’t tell you who it was but I’ve disowned her. So it got me thinking about where that fine line is when it comes to being confident as opposed to being arrogant. In other words, as you go Read More

When Investing Is Not Investing

“It won’t be the economy that will do in investors; it will be investors themselves.”    Warren Buffet  I read an article earlier this year in a financial industry publication that was discussing how people were less willing to “invest” in an uncertain economy and market.  First of all, have the markets or the economy ever Read More

Entrepreneur Village: No One Over 22 Years Old Allowed

The title of this article may not be exactly accurate but there is some truth to it.  I had the opportunity to visit Belmont University’s 2nd annual Entrepreneur Village recently and must say it was one of the most inspirational days I have experienced.  But to understand that statement you must walk into the village. Read More

4 Simple Rules for Your Next Move

As home sales are on the rise, many individuals and companies are contemplating an upcoming move. Organization is key in preparing for your next move, whether you are moving across the street or across the country. The following Rules may be useful in accomplishing this without becoming overwhelmed. The Five-Minute Rule:  For busy families, trying Read More

Blogging Really Does Work

Every time I speak with Stew he talks about blogging.  It’s something I have always wanted to do, though it was never made it to the action part of my to do list.  Recently, I responded to a post from a LinkedIn group.  I liked my post, so I submitted to to go on the Read More

LinkedIn Group Site

The Southeast Business Forums LinkedIn site is available to all members. You will be invited (by Jules Christian) to join the Southeast Business Forums group. You will need to join your respective chapter subgroup…request to join once you accept your invitation to join the main SEBF group. This is strictly voluntary and if you want Read More

New Member Partner Program

A new member will be “partnered” with an existing member (“Member Partner”) for three months. It is the responsibility of the Member Partner to hold an orientation meeting with our new member. The Member Partner is there to support the new member when they have questions, problems, or issues that come up. We also expect Read More