Putting Financial New – Good or Bad – In Context

While it may be difficult to discuss, don’t put off selecting someone to oversee your medical and financial affairs. Additionally, knowing that arrangements have already been taken care of may reduce the stress on your loved ones during trying times. Here are some questions to consider when meeting with an advisor or attorney about planning Read More

3 Easy Steps to Starting Your Marketing Budget

3 Easy Steps to Starting Your Marketing Budget It’s a new year which means it’s time for budgeting and strategizing. Don’t let the idea of a marketing budget give you anxiety. This year, focus on three steps to creating and sticking to a marketing budget that works for you. Step 1: Get Organized Now, if Read More

The Importance of Why

Because I said so!” Ever hear that growing up? I certainly did on more than one occasion, typically when I had exhausted my parent’s patience with me. Unfortunately, many leaders adopt this behavior as part of their leadership style. What most don’t realize is that using the dictator style of management doesn’t bring out the best in your team. Read More

Avoid Paying for Someone’s Old Football Injury

Have you ever thought that your company might find yourself inadvertently paying for someone’s previous injury—if injured on the job? Perhaps symptoms seem to magically worsen over time. That old injury sneaks out and suddenly, days later, your company is paying for something that happened years ago, rather than what actually happened on your time clock. Frustrating? Read More

The OC Equation™ – Does your Organization have a Culture of Compliance of Common Sense?

Last week I was traveling back from Montana and had the first flight out at 5:30 am. I arrived at 4:30 am, checked my bag with the airline and headed to security for screening. The Missoula, MT airport isn’t very big by today’s airport standards and has precious few of the annoyances of larger metropolitan Read More

3 ‘Fascinating’ Brand Lessons from Spock

With the passing of Leonard Nimoy, or Mr. Spock to most of us, the world is learning a great deal about the man behind the alien face. Mr. Nimoy’s gifts ranged from photography, directing, playwriting, music, and books as well as voice, stage and film acting. But what leaves the greatest impression on us, as Read More

Can A Screw Up Be Fixed?

Another update from the HR jungle…. While he will sell products to anyone with money, he really wants to build sales to other businesses since that will generate more revenue in the long run. So when he’s not behind the counter, he’s at a business networking event. Since he can’t afford to hire an assistant Read More

Keeping The Dream Alive

Jerry runs Regal Printing, a successful print shop (C-corporation), he started 25 years ago. He has two employees, but he and his wife are sole owners with all management and decision-making responsibility.   Jerry and his wife, Elizabeth, pooled their savings to get the business off the ground and have spent their lives nurturing it. Read More


Many people think that selling to healthcare-related businesses is risk-free. I’ve even been told that locally controlled hospitals are very safe to sell because no local county or city would ever let its hospital fail financially. Don’t tell that to companies who recently were told that two local hospitals went bankrupt! Crittenden Regional Hospital, West Read More

Managing Winds of Career Change

I sat there with a pit in my stomach. My mind had been made up months before but I knew I needed out. In front of me was the new CEO of our organization,   asking, “What do you want? Want Sharon’s job? I don’t know what the hell she does anyway. What about Software Development Read More