Author Kimber Barton

We’ve Been Here Before…

Would you believe it? The stock market is very volatile…again.   All sorts of metaphors are being thrown about…”yoyo, whipsaw, rollercoaster etc.” … we’ve heard them all before, and of course, we’ve been here before.   I think it’s important to remember during these times that volatility is normal, as would be a market correction or Read More

Redefining “Wealth”

wealth, noun, [welth] “A great quantity or store of money, valuable possessions, property, other riches.” Does the above definition really tell us anything?  Given the choice of $10,000 per month for the rest of your life or $1,000,000 cash right now, which would you choose?  Assume for simplicity that there’s no “cost of living” Read More

Portfolio Overlap: Too Much Of A Good Thing

Presented by Kimber L. Barton, CFP®, AIF® As a general rule, investing your money in different types of assets is a good way to reduce the risk of loss in your portfolio. Yet, while this is an important aspect of sound investing, it doesn’t guarantee a diversified portfolio. Your investments may still overlap too much, Read More

When Investing Is Not Investing

“It won’t be the economy that will do in investors; it will be investors themselves.”    Warren Buffet  I read an article earlier this year in a financial industry publication that was discussing how people were less willing to “invest” in an uncertain economy and market.  First of all, have the markets or the economy ever Read More

Are you a visionary?

When we think of the word “visionary” as it applies to people, names like Thomas Edison or  Henry Ford, might come to mind or in the more modern era perhaps Steve Jobs or Bill Gates.  If each of us was asked if we see ourselves as visionary, most of us would probably say “no.”  But Read More

Recent Market Volatility– What Does It All Mean?

On Thursday, June 20, the stock market suffered a dramatic drop—its largest since last year’s election—following a significant decline the previous day. While this may leave you feeling unsettled, it’s important to look a little deeper and understand what is really happening. Markets, like investors, hate uncertainty. Thus, when the Fed recently announced plans to Read More

The Best Investment Decision Ever

Markets have been a little “choppy” as they say of late, and I wonder (notice I didn’t say “worry”) if this is the “correction” or “pullback” that many have predicted given that we have had such a good run.  If it is (or turns to have been – because we cannot know in advance) let Read More