Author John Byers

Does The Customer Know Best?

Insurance is not the new black. It’s not trendy, sexy or attractive. Insurance is viewed by some as a commodity. So, why does it matter if you buy it from one person or another – even one company or another? How do you differentiate a product that no one necessarily likes to talk about but Read More

4 Things Your Insurance Company Doesn’t Want You to Know

Having three young boys, we fill up our pediatrician’s “buy nine visits, get your tenth free” cards fairly often…which has led to a lot of questions marks in regards to certain insurance practices. And while you may like the occasional surprise party, surprise wedding engagement, or the surprise of the $10 you found in your Read More

Insurance Brokers are Worthless

In the ranking of terrible and underhanded people, the two fighting for the top spots are generally the used car salesman and the insurance guy. Your “list of people I’ve been burned by” is most likely an iteration of the following: cable company, high school math teacher, ex-lover, and insurance guy. While there may be Read More

What the Health?

A similar phrase may come to mind as you think of health care management…which is different from yesterday…and completely different from what it will be tomorrow. Like Health Care Reform, managing health care is constantly on the move and my favorite childhood phrase of “It isn’t my fault” or “I didn’t know” will not be Read More