Author John Boyens

10 Ways to Kill a Sale

Based upon many years of research with salespeople, sales leaders and business owners across the globe please allow me to share ten ways to kill a sale: Prospect aimlessly…grab anyone who will listen and give them the same sales pitch over and over and over again Be oblivious to the prospects buying rhythm…just jump in Read More

Have an IDEA who you are Selling

All successful salespeople I have met over the years have an IDEA of who they are selling to.  In other words…they are exceptionally clear of the roles and responsibilities of the person/people they are selling. IDEA is an acronym standing for: (I):  Influencer (D): Decision Maker (E):  End User (A): Approver I realize in most Read More

Will you Take my 5% Challenge?

If a salesperson or business owner wants to energize their business in 2013 they can’t confuse sales activity with sales productivity!  As a matter of fact, the most successful salespeople and business owners I know establish processes that are repeatable and scalable.  That way they know what they did when things are going well and Read More