Author Paul Pike

Pass or Fail? Should We Drug-Test in School’s?

Students, drug use…and testing.   Naturally, the topic can create quite a buzz, not only for the user, but also in regards to political thought and public opinion. Even Presidents have been known to weigh in on the subject of kids and drugs, and to no surprise, they’ve held varying opinions and stances.    In Read More


DNA testing. It’s a bit mysterious sounding isn’t it? Though shrouded in presumed secrecy, it’s actually more common than one might realize. Did you know that a variety of DNA tests are available? More than the ones you see that take place on your favorite TV crime show. We assure you. Take a look: Child Safety Read More

Hair Testing: Fact or Fiction?

  Have you ever been asked to submit some of your hair for a drug test? Have you ever required it of an employee? If you haven’t, it may not be that unusual of a request in the days to come. For that matter, is hair testing for real? Rumors, myths and more surround this Read More

Hoffman, Heroin, and…You? Oh, My!

The sad news repeatedly filled our TV screens and phones flashed continual updates in what seemed like an endless barrage that week. Philip Seymour Hoffman was dead. Reports stated the cause as…Heroin. The topic of this horrible drug seemed to suddenly be on everyone’s minds, and peppered many conversations, at least at some point those Read More

Not Your Momma’s Hemp

Some of you may have recently heard that a Senator, from the South, who is a Republican, is leading the charge to legalize Marijuana. True? Well, yes, and no. The Hemp he is pushing isn’t what the 60’s made famous.  It’s not the stuff that makes you high but the kind that Senator Frank Nicely Read More