Author Cindy Beresh-Bryant

The OC Equation™ – Does your Organization have a Culture of Compliance of Common Sense?

Last week I was traveling back from Montana and had the first flight out at 5:30 am. I arrived at 4:30 am, checked my bag with the airline and headed to security for screening. The Missoula, MT airport isn’t very big by today’s airport standards and has precious few of the annoyances of larger metropolitan Read More

What We Can Learn About the NFL’s Culture Using The OC Equation™

We’ve recently been inundated by the news coming out of the NFL regarding domestic violence and child abuse perpetrated by some of the league’s star players, notably Ray Rice of the Baltimore Ravens, and Adrian Peterson of the Minnesota Vikings. Ray Rice was recently suspended from the Baltimore Ravens following the releases of a video Read More

The Power of Compounding Culture – Is it Helping or Hurting Your Profitability?

Recently we introduced you to the OC equation. This week we take it a step further to help you understand The Power of Compounding Culture and its impact on establishing your competitive advantage and increasing profitability. Most of us know the power of compounding interest on our investments (it’s interest calculated on the initial principal and subsequent interest Read More

The OC (Organizational Culture) Equation

V + P x Actions = OC [Competitive Advantage and Profitability] Over the past several weeks we’ve discussed the relationship between a strong organizational culture (OC) and an organization’s health and profitability. As previously noted, OC is born out of your organization’s DNA – it defines who you are as a company; and encompasses the shared Read More

Organizational Culture – Treating Departing Employees Badly is Bad Business

Employers often request a 2 week notice when employees decide to resign. This request is usually made to give the employer time to identify a suitable replacement to cover the work that needs to be done and/or provide adequate training. In other words, to protect the assets of the business. Why then would an organization’s Read More

If You Want Better Employees, Create A Better Organizational Culture

What exactly is Organizational Culture? I get questions from clients all the time about how to find great employees that won’t come to work late, leave early or steal while they’re there! The simple answer is – if you want better employees, create a better organizational culture! Now you may be asking yourself, “what exactly does Read More

Is Your Succession Planning Process from the Middle Ages?

It wasn’t long after my husband and I moved to Tennessee that we realized our beloved Quarter Horses weren’t going to cut it. All our friends rode gaited horses and when we would travel together their horses would leave us in the dust – literally. So, one weekend while at Big South Fork we bought two gaited Spotted Saddle Horse mares. Read More

Tapping Into Corporate Coaching as a Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Does your organizational culture inspire employees to jump out of bed on Monday morning and race to the office because they can’t wait to get there or do your employees have to drag themselves out of bed at the last minute looking for excuses not to come in? If it’s the latter, you may want Read More

The Secret to “True” Employee Happiness – Leadership

There is no doubt that employee happiness increases employee performance and translates into increased profits, but what exactly does it mean to make employees happy? Does that mean you should just give in to every employee request, or never tell an employee something they don’t want to hear? Does it mean employees should never face Read More

Department of Labor Pushing For More Lawsuits—How to Protect Your Company

In a startling move, the Department of Labor (DOL) recently announced it’s collaborating with the American Bar Association (ABA) to refer employees with unresolved Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) or Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) complaints to a toll-free number where they can get in contact with an ABA-approved attorney in their local area to file a Read More