Author Anna-Vija McClain

3 Easy Steps to Starting Your Marketing Budget

3 Easy Steps to Starting Your Marketing Budget It’s a new year which means it’s time for budgeting and strategizing. Don’t let the idea of a marketing budget give you anxiety. This year, focus on three steps to creating and sticking to a marketing budget that works for you. Step 1: Get Organized Now, if Read More

Can you pass this quick test? Marketing vs. Sales

Quick! – an email blast goes out on Cyber Monday offering a 15% discount to everyone in your company’s database. The email is opened by 38% of the recipients, but no one buys anything as a result. Is this campaign successful? It depends on if you are classifying it as a “marketing” campaign, or a Read More

Is working from home right for you?

Sleep in… wear your pajamas… take a nap… watch your favorite TV shows… Sounds great, doesn’t it? Nicole Fallon of the Business News Daily recently published an article (link below) debunking 8 common myths about working from home.  Addressing the most common myths, including productivity, distractions and virtual meetings, Nicole paints a clearer picture of Read More

Subject Lines That GET YOUR ATTENTION… Like this one!

How many emails do you send out every day? Does it take entirely too long to get a response? Do you feel like you aren’t getting any traction with your email marketing? Are you tired of analyzing your metrics and trying to decide what exact change will boost your numbers? Ok, now be honest – Read More

Dress Normal

Recently I started receiving Elle magazine each month.  Honestly, I don’t know why.  It just appeared in my mailbox and none of my friends or family will take credit for gifting me a subscription. While I’m not a fan of extreme fashion, I have been known to browse through the glossy pages to keep up Read More

Who to Hire? Employee vs. Contractor

How are you going to grow your business in 2014?  If ‘hire more employees’ was part of your answer, here are some thoughts to consider: With the unsteadiness of today’s economy, massive shifts in employer provided healthcare, and increasing technology developments, many companies (big and small) are investigating the benefits of contract workers. Maybe you Read More

Have you ever googled “letter to millennials”? Go ahead, I’ll wait…

That’s right, 2,960,000 results. After recent conversations with colleagues about the generational divide in today’s business world, “The Absolute Last Open Letter to Millennials” peaked my interest. As a professional on the cusp of the category divider (1-year from cut-off), I personally share many traits of BOTH Gen X and Millenials. David A. Frankel, managing Read More

A question I get asked often: “How do I get my company to the first page of search engine results?”

The answer: “…That’s a good question!” While I am not an expert in Search Engine Optimization, I am seeing two different sides to the recommendation of this medium for certain businesses. SEO can a very long term, and in some cases, expensive, investment. That doesn’t mean it isn’t a good one; it just means that Read More