About Southeast Business Forums

The purpose of The Business Forum is to provide a setting in which its members command the trust and respect of each other on personal and professional levels. Members get to know each other and feel comfortable in transacting commerce and opportunities among one another on a “Business-to-Business” basis.

After a monthly meeting, our guests are put together with two of our members to form a “Troika”. It is the responsibility of the three people to get together for lunch or breakfast for the purpose of getting to know one another better; both from a personal as well as professional standpoint. This is the start of developing those deep and long-lasting business relationships that, over time, will result in commerce. We encourage our members and guests to have outside meetings with others during the month regardless of the Troika assignments. The Troika process is extremely important. On average, 90% of the referrals come at or shortly after the Troika.

What We Are
senior-level professionals

We are a preeminent networking organization comprised of senior-level professional service providers.

committed to growth

We are committed to supporting our fellow members through meaningful, warm business introductions that lead to legitimate business opportunities.

Experienced & Qualified

We are professional service providers with years of experience in our respective fields of expertise, and leaders in the Greater Nashville business community

Quality focus

We are committed to quality versus quantity with respect to the Business Forum’s members and its networking experience.


We are a strictly business-to-business organization.

We’re not a social networking organization.
We’re not a “Business-to-Consumer” networking organization.
We’re not about monthly or quarterly referral quotas.
We’re not an organization for “takers” rather, we are about being ”givers”
About Our Founder

In January 2008, Stewart Ross held the first meeting of the Nashville Business Forum at the Nashville City Club. He invited 15 business people from various professional service provider sectors to attend. At the time, Mr. Ross was a commercial banker in Nashville. He moved to Nashville in October 2006 from Los Angeles as a result of his wife being relocated in her position with Mars Petcare Company.

Mr. Ross’s 30-year success as a commercial banker in Los Angeles was a direct result of his participation in senior level networking organizations. He quickly determined there was a need in Nashville for a similar type business model based on a “Business-to-Business” style of networking. It begins with a philosophy of “being a giver and not a taker” and developing deep relationships with potential referral partners.

The name of the organization changed to Southeast Business Forums, LLC to reflect its growth. Today we have 5 individual chapters in Nashville. Each chapter has a personality of its own but the common denominator is the commerce that goes back and forth not only within each chapter but also across chapters.

Your first step is to come and visit with us at one of our monthly chapter meetings. You will see right away that the Business Forum is a very unique networking organization with respect to the caliber of our members, our format, and our expectations.

We are a “referral organization” and NOT a “leads organization.” There is a huge difference. Come and experience the difference.