Avoid Paying for Someone’s Old Football Injury

Have you ever thought that your company might find yourself inadvertently paying for someone’s previous injury—if injured on the job? Perhaps symptoms seem to magically worsen over time. That old injury sneaks out and suddenly, days later, your company is paying for something that happened years ago, rather than what actually happened on your time clock.

Frustrating? Yes. “Why should our Worker’s Comp premiums go up because an employee isn’t being entirely honest,” you ask? Good question.

It doesn’t seem fair, does it?

How can an organization prevent that from happening? Here’s one solution for consideration:

Telephonic Nurse Triage service. Why?

The Situation:

Here is the play-by-play of what happens when someone is injured in your company with our Telephonic Nurse Triage Service:

  1. When an employee is hurt on the job, the supervisor dials your Nurse On Call (24/7)
  2. The nurse speaks directly with your employee.
  3. The nurse documents and RECORDS the employee’s symptoms.
  4. Next, the nurse can either:
  • Recommend over-the-counter medications and/or treatments
  • Advise your employee to seek additional medical assistance.

The Coverage

Because a nurse speaks to your employees directly, you have legal, audible proof about your client’s pains. In this way, your company is liable only for injuries:

  • as they happened on your own property
  • at the time of the accident; nothing more

Plus, in addition to filing your own paperwork, you also have an outside, professionally trained, and unbiased report to help protect your company.

The Red Flags

Right now, when an employee gets hurt, what does your company do?

  • Send them to your supervisor? But honestly, what does your supervisor know about serious medical injuries? And what if your supervisor advises an employee to stay on the job when they should have gone to the doctor? What then?
  • Send them to the clinic. Do you sometime feel like the clinic is performing services just to add revenue to their bottom line? Some clinics are more guilty of doing this than others.

The Diagnosis:

Having a Telephonic Nurse Triage Service gives your employees a designated time to evaluate their symptoms while they speak with a medical professional. It also allows for a medical professional to determine what steps your company and employee should take next. This will help to eliminate:

  • Unnecessary copayments and medical bills for your employees, and
  • Unnecessary Workers Comp Payments for your company

And, it also helps relieve pressure and responsibilities from your supervisor.

The Follow Up.

We all want our employees receiving the care and attention they need without feeling like we are paying for injuries that may have happened years ago. By paying a simple monthly fee for a Telephonic Nurse Triage Program, it is like having a nurse on staff 24 hours a day. If you would like to learn more about the Nurse Triage Program, we’d love to connect with you and provide further information.

– Paul Pike and the USAmdt Middle Tennessee Team

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