Subject Lines That GET YOUR ATTENTION… Like this one!

How many emails do you send out every day? Does it take entirely too long to get a response? Do you feel like you aren’t getting any traction with your email marketing? Are you tired of analyzing your metrics and trying to decide what exact change will boost your numbers?

Ok, now be honest – how many emails do you get every day? Do you sometimes take a little too long to answer? Or worse, do you just delete emails without even reading them?

John Brandon offered some fabulous subject lines in a recent article with Inc. magazine, including:

  1. “Good news…” 
  2. “I have an answer for you…” 
  3. “I’ll be honest with you…” 
  4. “We have lift off…” 
  5. “Urgent…” 
  6. “Let me start with an apology…” 
  7. “Your day is about to improve…” 
  8. “I’ve completed my research for you…” 
  9. “The rumors are true…” 
  10. “Just getting back to you…” 


Now if those don’t grab your attention, “Houston, we have a problem.”

Considering all of John’s lines, there is a common theme they all share… they evoke an emotion, an image. Something that draws you in, because it fulfills an unmet need: “I have an answer for you…”

So, next time you’re writing an email, start by telling the receiver why your email is important to them and see how quickly you get a reply. Happy writing!


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