Dress Normal

Anna Vija Blog ImageRecently I started receiving Elle magazine each month.  Honestly, I don’t know why.  It just appeared in my mailbox and none of my friends or family will take credit for gifting me a subscription.

While I’m not a fan of extreme fashion, I have been known to browse through the glossy pages to keep up with trends (apparently Fall is all about red nails and chunky heels!) and the women-centric articles while nomming on pizza and oreos.  The only problem with “reading” the magazine however, is that there are a full 75 pages of advertisements before you get to first contents page, another 20-30 before the second contents page, and so on.

As a marketer, I am more fascinated by the sales approach of each ad than the clothing in it.  Which is why I was pleasantly surprised to happen upon GAP’s newest layout:

Lost in a series of high fashion images, extreme hair styles, incomprehensible shoes, and models too skinny to not be Photoshopped, was this poignant statement.

Dress Normal.

Instantly I connected.  Elizabeth Moss looks relaxed and comfortable.  She looks good.  She looks HAPPY!

I hope that more companies will start to relate to their audience this way.  There will always be a place for expressing oneself through clothing, but ads like this inspire me to feel better about just being normal.


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