The Promise of an Experience

In a recent article by customer service expert, professional speaker and New York Times bestselling author, Shep Hyken, he explains how marketing has changed from purely a brand or company focus to the promise of an experience. This experience is directly and most influentially created by customer service or the promise of some intangible value.

Contrast, for example, these ads and what they are offering:

  1. The “Unsinkable Taste of Cheerios” (1980s) offers a product with “unthinkable, unsinkable taste” and “low sugar”. Based on Hyken’s arguments about marketing, how does this ad separate itself from any other off-brand Cheerio product? The Kroger Brand Cheerios could also claim to have “unthinkable, unsinkable taste” and “low sugar”.

2. Cheerios Game Day Ad (2014) claims that “When families eat breakfast together, amazing things can happen.” At no time are “Cheerios” even mentioned. They are simply used as a tool to support the idea that Cheerios can bring families together.

It seems Cheerios has embraced a new marketing tactic – have you? Are you selling your experience and higher value or your product?

Take some time to sit down and figure out what separates you from your competitors and develop a strategy to sell it! Word-of-mouth marketing is the biggest marketing tool you could have on  your side and that starts with promising and delivering on that experience or value.

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