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“Now this is playing big.” Photo (2009) by Eva holderegger walser. Wikimedia Commons.

“Now this is playing big.”
Photo (2009) by Eva holderegger walser. Wikimedia Commons.

One of the things over the years that I have learned from our members who are experts in the marketing arena is to look bigger than you are. As a small company, you want the public (and your potential audience/customers) to view you as something bigger than you really are.


My little publishing company, Yooper Publications™, has published one book (The Mindset of Networking®). Although originally set-up to publish only my books, I decided to give it a shot and publish other author’s books. We are two weeks away from publishing our first third-party book (in other words, someone else’s book). Now my point is, I’ll have a grand total of 2 books in Yooper’s catalogue. I must come up with a way to quickly build the stable of books in our catalogue so as to look bigger than we really are.


I recently read an article from Angela Bole, executive editor of IBPA (Independent Book Publishers Association) and it was called “Playing Big.” She mentioned one of her board members (Brooke Warner) who wrote a newsletter post entitled, “How to Play Big and All the Way Out There” (


Ms. Warner wrote, “Playing big is not about impressing others, or necessarily about making money or getting famous. It’s actually about honoring yourself to live into your full potential. Playing big is the opposite of keeping yourself small because you’re afraid of failure.”


How many of us have never done something because of a fear of failure? Probably more than would care to admit. I’m guilty. Losing a job or deciding to leave an industry that has been your measure of success for a 30-plus year career can be quite daunting. As some of us reach an age where we question what to do with our remaining productive lives, some of us come to the conclusion to do what is fun but not necessarily the most financially rewarding (and yes, even you millennials will reach this age too).


However, many people will never take that step because of the fear factor. Everyone has the ability to change if you don’t mind stepping outside your comfort zone. One of the reasons businesses fail over the long haul is that the owner can’t change (and the one thing we ALL know is that the only constant in business is—CHANGE). Ms. Warner suggests the following:


  • Develop a clear purpose.
  • Develop the courage to ignore your fear of failure.
  • Keep moving into places that might not be comfortable.


Many of the members of the Southeast Business Forums have done just this. Many of us are corporate orphans. Most of us look back on that one-day as a positive turning point in our lives and never looked back. We look for opportunities every day to look bigger than we really are.



Good luck, good networking, and remember, submit those blog posts with meaningful content.



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  1. Dave Castro
    July 24, 2014

    Great post Stew. I agree; I think playing big is an indicator of confidence and being totally vested in the outcomes you deliver. People want to work with businesses who are “all in” to deliver successful results.

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