DNA testing. It’s a bit mysterious sounding isn’t it? Though shrouded in presumed secrecy, it’s actually more common than one might realize.

Did you know that a variety of DNA tests are available? More than the ones you see that take place on your favorite TV crime show. We assure you. Take a look:

  • Child Safety DNA Testing
  • Estate Planning DNA Testing
  • Forensic DNA Testing
  • Infidelity DNA testing
  • Immigration DNA testing
  • Relationship DNA Testing

We may not take much time to think about it, but the fact is, people and animals all possess DNA. And, not surprisingly, with the technology available to us today we have access to a number of DNA tests that test in different ways and for a number of different things.

DNA testing has a wonderful way of determining predisposition to disease. Which can be a blessing for some. Or, it can be implemented to determine a person’s ancestry. One of the most common DNA tests is to determine a family relationship, such as paternity or that of a sibling. A DNA test can be critical in determining parental rights, child support, and even immigration status.

Why DNA test?

There are many reasons someone might need a DNA test, such as:

  • Child custody
  • Child support
  • Immigration rights
  • Paternity
  • Social security benefits

As you can imagine, results can create life-altering circumstances for those involved. That’s why one should never cut corners with a low-quality test when dealing with DNA results.

Think about it…inaccurate results could possibly lead to:

  • A father being denied the right to time spent with their child.
  • A mother being denied child support.
  • A child being deported from the country in which they have grown up.

That’s why, when dealing with DNA, one should always be working with only the most accurate test.

How long does it take?

Results are available in 48 hours, but next day results are also available. USA Mobile Drug Testing is pleased to offer the industry’s most accurate test and they’re court admissible.  Our results are 100% accurate and accredited by AABB, CAP, NYDOH, NFSTC and ISO.

If you or someone you love, are in need of information pertaining to DNA testing, please contact us today.


– Paul Pike, President USAmdt Nashville

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