SALES – That Dirty 5 Letter Word

As a sales professional and a sales trainer, I often see the looks and hear the whines from people about sales. And sales people.  While everyone makes jokes about lawyers, they make even more jokes about sales people.

Yes, I understand society’s viewpoint of sales people (terrible- nobody wants their child to grow up being a sleazy, lying, fast talking sales person), I understand Hollywood’s portrayal of sales people (seen Boiler Room or Wall Street), and I even understand why we look down at ourselves (What’s on your business card – Sales or account manager/ business development specialist/ customer relations specialist). And I even understand that many sales people have brought it on themselves by being so bad and unprofessional!

Yet, we are all sales people. We are selling ourselves and our wants and needs constantly. And it started when we were very young. Without our ability to sell, we would be pitiful creatures.

And society would be much worse. Just think, while it may be the inventor or entrepreneur who comes up with the idea, without the sales person to connect that idea with someone who wants it or needs it, the idea dies. Just think, while Dr. Salk came up with the polio vaccine, without the company’s sales people to get into the market place, we would still be suffering polio today!

So, the next time a sales person crosses your path, don’t hang up or slam the door in their face – instead thank them. They face the daily rejection, the constant pressure, the huge weight of society’s dis-approval just to make our life better, safer, more enjoyable. Thank a sales person and thank yourself!

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