How to Make the Most of Your Winter Move

Are you considering a move during the winter months? Does it concern you that moving will be more difficult or stressful because of the potentially harsher weather? While there can be some negative aspects to moving in the winter, there are actually some benefits to choosing this time of year to relocate.

Generally fewer people move in the winter which means that moving companies are not only more available but often charge less in fees. Another positive viewpoint of moving in the winter is you will have a wider choice in moving dates because companies are less busy. Also it is much more likely your movers will be professional individuals this time of year where during the busy summer months companies might hire unexperienced or temporary personnel.

The following are a few tips that can help you successfully navigate your move during the winter.

Prepare for the weather: Have a shovel, sand, salt, etc. on hand. Plan to clear the loading area of snow/ice before the movers arrive if possible. Make sure the truck can park as close to the house as possible. You might want to put these supplies in your car at the completion of loading to use at your new home.

Pack carefully: Moisture inside boxes can cause damage to your items. Make sure not to leave any cardboard boxes outside during winter weather because the cardboard could dissolve and compromise the contents. Pay special attention to packing appliances and electronics to make sure they are well insulated. Consider having the moving company professionally pack your items to ensure complete protection.

Protect your home: Make sure to ask your moving company about floor and wall protection. Usually the company will bring out special carpet covers. Don’t use cardboard to cover the floors as it might get wet and dirty and could possibly cause someone to fall.

Plan to purchase hot food/drinks: Your movers (and anyone else helping you) would be very appreciative of hot chocolate, coffee or tea on a cold moving day!

Don’t be afraid of moving during the winter months. The advantages could easily outweigh the disadvantages of moving this time of year. Feel free to contact us and let us show you how we can make your move, even during unpredictable winter weather, as stress-free as possible!    (On the Move, Moving and Storage, 615-793-0500)



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  1. December 11, 2013

    Beth – these are great points and make so much sense. Thanks for sharing.

  2. December 14, 2013

    Great advice, thanks Beth

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