Frustrated or Annoyed?

Frustrated or Annoyed? Have you ever sat down and contemplated the difference between being frustrated and being annoyed? Well, I did.

I contemplated this question the other day after Wade Fulton (West End Chapter) came over to my office. I was having difficulty with my Apple computer and some of the applications (most of you know that I’m ALL IN on Apple). There were other issues I was having with my iPad and iPhone. In other words, I was very frustrated. I didn’t know why all of this was happening to me. I felt like a bully was picking me on.

Wade sat down at my computer and we went through my issues. Zippity do da, within fifteen minutes I was good to go. At least until I upgrade – I have the first iPad. Now don’t get the idea this is an advertisement for Wade or Apple.

Here’s what I walked away with from this experience.

Wade answered every question I had.

I asked, “Why doesn’t Apple upgrade the screen to something that competes with the Kindle screen”. He answered that question and now I understand why Apple will never make it happen.

I asked, “Why does my browser not perform in a way I expect?” He answered the question and now I understand why Safari works the way it does.

I asked, “Why do I get dropped from this or that application?” He answered the question and now I understand why I need to spend a lot more money to upgrade our iPads (I did and by the way, thanks Steve).

So I turned to Sandy that evening and said, “You know, it was very enlightening to find out the reasons behind why I am so frustrated with many of the computer issues.”

That’s when it hit me. When I don’t know the reasons behind why something isn’t working, I get frustrated. But when Wade offers up the logical reasons, my frustration goes away. It is replaced at that point with annoyance. I may be annoyed (and that likely will never go away because, hey, it’s “Technology”) but it sure is a lot easier to live with than being frustrated.

I’ve decided that it’s best to be annoyed rather than frustrated.

Good luck and good networking.


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  1. December 3, 2013

    Wade and his team have explained my Apple issues to me also and I agree that once I understand why it is happening I am no longer frustrated.

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