10 + Mistakes All Business Development People Make

In business development, there are lots of moving parts. Each part can mean the difference in getting the business and getting nothing.  Are you doing these?

  1. Going after everyone instead of understanding who your customer really is?
  2. Spending more time putting out fires than finding and talking to prospective customers?
  3. Just winging your business development activities instead of having a well-rounded plan to cover all potential prospects?
  4. Does not track activities so you have no idea which is working and which results in the lowest client acquisition cost?
  5. Winging the sales call instead of having a system for establishing trust, qualifying, and presenting to reduce time and wasted resources.
  6. Asking enough questions to truly understand the prospects problem and buying motive?
  7. Getting emotional involved in the call and not realizing it is a business transaction and any rejection is business related not personal?
  8. Using your personality to communicate and close business versus understanding how your prospect communicates and adapting your message to them?
  9. Debriefing your call to make sure you understand what and why things happened, what needs to happen next, what that next step is and to insure you are fresh and ready for the next call?
  10. Staying too high in your existing client and not getting deeper with additional contacts and influence?
  11. Trying to close everyone and wasting time trying to convenience them when that time would be better spent finding another prospect?

Which ones are you guilty of? What other mistakes can you identify business development people make?

Eliminate these mistakes and watch your income explode!

2 Responses to “ 10 + Mistakes All Business Development People Make ”

  1. Ruth Smith
    November 4, 2013

    Jim, all great reminders for Business Development people. Thanks for posting!

  2. November 4, 2013

    Great information Jim. Thanks!

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