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Stay Fit - Justin WaxAs many of you know, we’re big Andy Stanley fans when it comes to leadership development. We study his leadership principles closely and apply them to ourselves individually and as an organization. Over the last couple of months, Andy has discussed his organization’s six core behaviors via his monthly leadership podcasts.

 Northpoint’s core behaviors:

  • Make it Better – how am I improving the organization?
  • Take it Personal – our reputation throughout the community matters. How does our work represent ourselves, families and Wax Family Printing?
  • Collaborate – when stuff hits the fan in a certain part of the business are our people “marching to the sound of the gunfire” or staying in their “safety” silos. What am I doing to serve others?
  • Stay Fit – physically and emotionally. We bring our personal lives to the business environment. We just do. How is my work/life balance?
  • Replicate yourself. Great leaders invest and pour into leaders around them. Who am I empowering/developing?
  • Remain open-handed. Be open to change. It’s inevitable. Change always creates tension. It’s a reality, unavoidable and OK. Pay attention to the internal tension/resistance to change. Remain openhanded.

 Kevin and I recently got a chance to ramp up the “stay fit” principle when we hiked 10 miles up and down Mt. LeConte in the Great Smoky Mountains. It’s so important to leave the office and just enjoy God’s creation from time to time. Further, it’s great to challenge yourself physically. Physical exercise helps relieve stress by stimulating the body and it allows you to clear your head. While both Kevin and I work out regularly, in part to apply the “stay fit” principle, we kicked it up a notch w/ the LeConte hike. We chose the steepest trail, Alum Cave Trailhead, because we heard a report that the Rainbow Falls trail was flooded. It was a great adventure, and we were rewarded by the serenity of the Mt. LeConte lodge once we’d reached the top. Seeing a thunderstorm from 6,000 ft above sea level is awesome.

We urge you to apply these principles to yourself and to your organization. Look for opportunities to stay fit and maintain that important work-life balance. Enjoy your family and enjoy the great outdoors. We’ll circle back around touch on these leadership principles in later months. In the meantime, “stay fit!”

Thank you!


*Previously published in the August print edition of Business Savvy

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  1. August 19, 2013

    It was a challenging hike, but Justin led the entire way and we had a great time! I encourage you to join us for next year’s hike. If you’re interested, please send me an email.

  2. August 19, 2013

    I have learned the importance of this in my career.

    •Replicate yourself. Great leaders invest and pour into leaders around them. Who am I empowering/developing?

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