19 Business Blog Post Ideas You Can Use Right Now

19 Business Blog Post Ideas You Can Use Right NowHave you been wanting to write more? Maybe on your blog, someone elses blog or a newsletter? Not sure what to write about or how to get started?

Use these 19 easy templates as a starting point to get writing!

Questions you want prospects to ask

What questions should your prospects be asking that you know will set you apart from your competition? Your prospects may not know what to ask so why not give them the right questions to ask to help make the best decision? For example,

“6 questions you need to ask before considering [Your Service]”

Tell a story

Do you have a story you always find yourself telling to people you meet to help explain your business? Turn it into an interesting way to describe a part of your business while relating personally to your audience.

Opinion on Relevant News

Have you ever scanned through the paper and had a strong opinion on a news story in your industry? Write a post sharing that opinion, good or bad, but relate it back to principels that are timeless so your post won’t become outdated in a week.

How To…

This type of post was MADE for blogging. Take a confusing topic in your industry and break it into 7-10 steps and walk people through it. The key is short, consumable information.

5 Biggest Questions about…

Go through your email and find a handful of questions your clients have asked you a few times. Chances are you answered them in a flash without thinking about it. If they are asking several times, more people are sure to have the same questions. Turn those into an FAQ post!

Existing Content

What do you already have internally that you can repurpose? Make a list of things you have like ebooks, whitepapers, presentation decks, notes from conferences and manuals and repurpose them in a way that would be captivating for your audience.  .

Record an Interview

Record an interview with a colleague or expert in your field and give your audience a chance to be a fly on the wall in a conversation about an industry topic. Make sure to transcribe it for those who can’t listen!

Write a Review

Write a review of a noncompetitive product, service or business. This can be anything from a book review to a website. One of my most successful posts was reviewing the top small business Facebook pages. We found 17 of the best and posted the good and bad about them. The businesses were delighted to be featured and shared it with their audiences.

Industry Advice Roundup

Instead of writing about just one point of view, mix it up and interview 10 of your industry leaders on one topic and feature their answers in a “10 industry leaders share their advice on….” (This is also an incredible way to reach out to people you couldn’t otherwise reach!)

Top 10 List

What do people in your industry love to rank? Gather the data and make a top 10 list out of it! Top 10 lists are so popular because they are easy to consume and share so make sure your post is both.

Bust a Myth

What’s one thing you hear over and over again about your industry that makes you cringe? Take that misconception and bust it! Show your authority by explaining both sides and why it’s wrong.

Tackle an Industry Issue

Still feeling opinionated? What is an issue going on right now in your industry that you feel hasn’t been addressed from you side? Tackle it! And don’t be afraid to take a side. Your audience won’t get behind someone who won’t take a stand.

The Versus Post

If you aren’t feeling confrontational, something that people really value is a truly objective stance on two products or services. The key to this post is not to be afraid of giving the negatives of your product or service if it’s one of the things you’re comparing. People will read this in the research phase of the buying cycle and you’d rather have them visit your post then go somewhere else for the truth.

The “Why” Post

The first step anyone needs before taking action is a good reason. That’s where the “WHY” post comes in. Before you get tactical, the WHY post explains the reasons behind it that will motivate the person throughout the process. It can be in the form of, “Why ______ is successful” or

“Why you should avoid ______”

Cast Study

Case studies and examples are also extremely popular because they give the reader hard evidence and a look inside your business which gives you validity. Just keep in mind that there needs to be a clear benefit for the reader and it shouldn’t just be all about you.


A timeline or a step-by-step process broken down is an excellent way to leave your audience through something that has several steps in it.  What you’re really doing is taking a confusing topic and simplifying it, so make sure to leave out the technical jargon!

Best Advice

If there is been a particular piece of advice that someone, maybe a mentor or a friend, has given you, that has helped you immensely, why not share it and give them credit? If it is really helped you, I’m sure there are several other people out there who would benefit from a greatly. And it’s a great way to say thanks to that person!

Old Way vs New Way

If you consider yourself an innovator in your industry, then prove it! Why not highlight how things have changed by talking about the old way vs. the new way. This could relate to business models, platforms or channels or really anything else.

Rules and Laws

What set of principles won’t you budge on in your industry or field? Why not turn it into something like “The 5 irrefutable laws of [Strategy]”. Just fill in the blank! For example, “The 5 irrefutable laws of local networking”.

What blog post idea have you had the most success with? Share it in the comments below!

8 Responses to “ 19 Business Blog Post Ideas You Can Use Right Now ”

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  2. April 24, 2013

    Joel, You always make many good points when I read your links you share on LinkedIn. You blog is equally informative. I will save these ideas under my blogging file. Unfortunately for me, my format is VERY compliance riddled. So I will get to as close to using these points as compliance will allow me.

    • April 24, 2013

      Thanks so much Ivie! It is difficult for compliance, but your exactly right, not every one of these will work for every industry. One trick I use for that is to do the complete opposite (or go where no one else is…)

      Most people in your industry are focused on trying to see how close they can get to the compliance boundaries but it’s all the same information. Instead, if you focus on taking these ideas and applying them to show your personality or become a resource that is complementary to your field, maybe a lcoal community resource, then you can share about a lot more.

      People do business with people they like. Just talking about business is not going to make me like you. Finding something in common about you through a piece of content is going to help me get to know you a lot better and therefore set you apart from your competition before we even get into the business side.

  3. April 24, 2013

    This post is excellent. No excuses not to come up with content ideas for blogs (or social media posts for that matter) anymore! Keep the great content coming!
    Tim Cronin

  4. May 5, 2013

    Great practical helps Joel! Thanks so much. Now I have “NO Excuses.” Also, I can’t tell anyone that I will “try” to write a blog post by a date certain. There is no “try.” Only “do” or “don’t do.”

  5. June 14, 2013

    This is a very signifcant blog.Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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