Blues You Can Use…

When you can’t make one more sales call

And your week is almost through –

Come out to Puckett’s Grocery on Thursday nights

And refresh mind and spirit anew.


It’s Open Mike Night every Thursday

But it’s not what you might think…

The talent that walks in that place is unbelievable

And there’s great food and cold drink(s)!


It’s the Puckett’s in Leiper’s Fork

And it’s the original one for sure

Yeah, there’s one in Franklin and downtown Nashville, too

But Leiper’s Fork is the sure cure.


It’s not really a very long drive –

Depending on where you start

Not nearly as far as Thompson’s Station

And right through beautiful Tennessee’s heart.


Plan to arrive between six and six-thirty

If you want to get a good seat

There are quite a few to choose from…

Wait too long – and you’ll spend the evening on your feet!


It’s just two songs for every performer

The range of genres will keep you spellbound

Electric blues, great country, singer-songwriters and acoustic

There is nothing like it anywhere around.


It’s a networking event of another stripe

There are regulars and visitors too

It’s not the Southeast Business Forum –

But everyone will welcome you!


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