Writing My First Book – Part One

Well, I’m very close to handing my manuscript over to my editor and then going to print. This is the first book I’ve ever written. As you can imagine, I’ll be self-publishing because no real publisher would take a chance on an unproven author.

This has been a very interesting journey. I’ve taken two paths: first, the actual writing of the book and second, learning the publishing side. I’ll talk about the publishing in another blog.

Several years ago I decided that I should write a book (as most of us have said we would). The book would be non-fiction and deal with networking. The first thing I had to determine was what my motivation in writing the book would be. Was it to produce a best seller? Was it to just mark off that line item on my bucket list? Was it to prove to myself that I had some sort of skill? No, I decided to write the book as part of the Southeast Business Forums. I wanted to be able to hand the book to a guest who was contemplating joining the Business Forum. At that point, I figured that person would look at me in a different way. In other words, they would see credibility since I was an author.

Well, in April of last year I got side tracked with another book. This would be a niche travel guide in Paris. So I started the book proposal (for the literary agent who originally expressed interest). I finished the book proposal in late October. What I figured out was that I needed to finish the networking book first.

THE MINDSET OF NETWORKING  book would be easier to write (no research involved), easier to print (no photos) and much cheaper to publish. So I went to Florida in December and hibernated for several weeks all by myself in order to crank out this book.

Thank you for visiting our new Southeast Business Forums blog site. I hope that you will come back and visit again. I’m confident that the quality of blogs by our members will be outstanding.


Good luck and good networking.


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