Six Year Anniversary

I can’t believe that the Southeast Business Forums is entering its sixth year of existence. It seems like yesterday that we were holding our first chapter meeting (City Chapter) over at the Nashville City Club.

Half of the original-founding members from that meeting are still with us. I’d like to acknowledge Jim Holmes (West End Chapter), George Crawford (West End Chapter), Roland Lundy (City Chapter) and Kurt Winstead (City Chapter). Fellows, thanks for hanging in with me.

One of the things that I think we all share in common with our businesses is that we want to help people. That was one of the motivating factors for why I stayed in the banking industry for 30+ years. I liked to help people – especially business owners. I always felt that their success was my success.

That’s why I enjoy running the Business Forum. I get to help people. I like to make an introduction where there will be a direct synergy between the two parties.

Yes, we belong to an organization like the Business Forum for the purpose of ultimately booking commerce. However, there are so many other reasons that just naturally come along as a benefit in joining organizations like ours.

You get to meet quality people who share that passion for helping. I have found it amazing to run across so many people who “walk the walk and talk the talk” when it comes to really wanting to assist others. Trust me, that doesn’t happen in Los Angeles at least to the magnitude that it does in Nashville.

I’m looking forward to 2013. We are going to call this the “YEAR OF THE CONNECTOR.”

Thank you for visiting our new Southeast Business Forums blog site. I hope that you will come back and visit again. I’m confident that the quality of blogs by our members will be outstanding.

Good luck and good networking.



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