Ready to Reach a Broader Audience with Your Business Savvy?

On behalf of myself and the members of the Southeast Business Forums, I’d like to welcome you to our new blog site. I hope that when you are finished reading our most current article, you will visit the Forums’ website.

Southeast Business Forums is the pre-eminent Business-to-Business networking organization in Middle Tennessee. With seven chapters and over 150 members, we are all about referrals, meaningful introductions and ultimately, commerce.

We started this blog as a value-added service to our members. While we have a Southeast Business Forums LinkedIn site, it is a closed site for the benefit of our members. We wanted to design a blog that would be accessible to non-members as well. This will build awareness of our networking organization. It will also build your brand as a source for business expertise.

For our members who choose to participate and submit posts that are informative and entertaining, this can potentially help you reach a very large audience.

We also are looking to establish relationships with other credible bloggers who share our vision and passion for networking and connecting others.

Our posts will contain content on various topics. Our members are quality professional service providers in many business verticals. Some of our members are published authors as well as known contributors to various periodicals. The content you will see in our blog site will be professional and informative. We will control content only in the sense that we won’t allow blogs to be advertisements for our member’s services. As is our regular policy, politics and religion are off the table from a content standpoint as well.

We welcome your comments on any of our posts. Please keep in mind the protocol for posting your comments.

Thank you for visiting. We hope that you will come back often. I’m confident that the quality of posts by our members will be outstanding.

Good luck and good networking.

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